Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Living Up To My Blog Name

I just read a blog post of a friend of mine where she showed everyone pictures of her house and it's mess.  It was awesome, and inspired me to do the same.

We live in a world where we so many of us strive for this ideal concept where we have to have an immaculate home, an amazingly healthy dinner on the table when the hubs comes home, flawless bodies, and children who behave perfectly.  I have to admit that I took a picture of Evie today and quickly moved some toys, a spoon, and a rag because I didn't want people to actually KNOW I had a messy family room...and *gasp* let my children play in it!

Now, I understand that MANY people are gifted at keeping a tidy home, and this is definitely something they are really good at.  The rest of us are all jealous of you :-)  My sisters and my mother are natural housekeepers.  Things are clean, tidy, and have a specific spot.  I, however, was not gifted in this area.  Clutter doesn't bother me as much, and for the life of me I CANNOT seem to find a place for every random piece of junk that enters my home.

I have learned different systems to keep things manageable in my house.  My house usually looks like a tornado during the day, has a nice quick picked up look to it by the time Paul gets home, and by the time I got to bed I try to have all the toys put away and counters cleared.   It doesn't always happen like that, but if my kids are alive and the hubs is happy it's a good day, right?

The pictures below were literally taken 10 minutes ago:

My counter looks like this daily.  Random pot, book, markers, Meijer bag...and I am guessing I am hoping the flowers detract from the disaster. 

This is actually pretty good for my family room during the day.    Evie:  "Mom, would ya clean up my mess?"

Our side room.  This room is easy to walk passed without looking in.  Today Evie wanted to play with the beads, and apparently throw them everywhere.  The towel is left from cleaning up the dog water that she spilled, and the cards are what she decided to pull out of our craft cart.  Walking tornado.

My sink.  I guess I am hoping the candle takes away from the smell of soggy Lucky Charms.

Oh, laundry room/bathroom.  How I despise you.  Belle likes to drop trou  here,  and I believe that is a diaper Evie pulled out of the garbage and dropped there.  On top of the dryer is my hair and make up.  Obviously the laundry room is the best place for that.
My TV stand.  Yes, that is a can of Cream of Chicken soup on top of it.

There ya have it.  How my house looks today....well my main living area.  Hopefully I made some of you feel better about your mess, and hopefully I didn't give others of you anxiety attacks.

Oh, and if anyone wants to chip in for a live-in housekeeper, or just someone to follow Evie around all day to pick up after her I am all for it :-)


Emily said...

Yes! I am always moving crap out of the frame of pictures of my kids! I really wish I was a neater person, but certainly I must excel in another area...I just have to figure it out still.
Thanks for making me feel less lonely! :)

Mom of the Fab 4!! said...

TOTALLY me too!! Love it thanks for doing that!