Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things I Never Said As A Kid

There have been so many times lately I hear Belle say things and I think to myself, "wow, there is something I never said as a kid."  I finally decided to write some of them down.  Please feel free to comment with your own!  I know there are more, but this is all I could come up with at the moment.  

  1. "Mom, you need to find it in the App Store"
  2. "Can I bring the iPad up to my room to read my book?"
  3. "I have to wait because it is loading."
  4. "Are you checking your email?"
  5. "Is that your Facebook, Mom?"
  6. "Can I play a game on your phone?"
  7. "Mom, will you type in the password?"
  8. "Can I watch a movie in the car?"
  9. "They have Dora on Netflix."
  10. "Mom, are you downloading that?"
  11. "Let's FaceTime Elmo."
  12. and, she swipes her finger across EVERY screen she sees, because she thinks everything is a touch screen.  

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