Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boy, Oh, Boy!

Most of you have already seen by now that Baby Thompson #3 is a healthy boy!

I have to admit that I am shocked and surprised.  I fully expected to see another little girl wiggling around in the ultrasound.  It is what we are used to, and for some reason I just did not fathom that we would have a boy.

Thankfully, this little bugger gave us an open view right off the get go in the ultrasound.  It was more than obvious he was a boy, but then he got real shy on us and didn't cooperate much after that.  No matter how many ultrasounds I get, seeing my baby moving around never gets old.  It's amazing to see the four chambers of the heart pumping blood, seeing his limbs move all over the place, his mouth opening and closing, and the tech actually mentioned that his bladder was full and she could tell he emptied it because she couldn't find it for a bit.  Crazy!

Techinically, ultrasound techs aren't supposed to say if they see something wrong, but it was made clear to us in so many words that this baby looked healthy.  There have been many many prayers being said for him, and today was something I was excited for, yet anxious.  I couldn't wait to find out the gender, but I was also hoping and praying all looked healthy.

Belle is thrilled to have a little brother.  Evie doesn't understand it all, but I am fairly certain a brother will be good for her.  She needs someone that might put her in her place a bit :-)  I am still in a bit of shock, and not quite sure what mothering a son will be like.  It is scary, but so exciting!

Now the task begins to prepare this house for a BOY.  This means changing the nursery decor, getting in some boy clothes, and actually moving a few Barbies over to make room for some trucks and cars!

Now, an insane amount of ultrasound pictures:


Alicia Foote said...

Awesome! Congrats!

chris said...

Congratulations!! My daughter had a boy after 3 girls. :)