Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sickness Survival Guide

Obviously, I am feeling a bit better, but this day has been a ROUGH one to say the least.  A couple of days ago Evie was sick, and I just hoped and prayed she wouldn't share.  Welp, she did.  Twice.  After an awful day of both Paul and I sick with the stomach flu, I felt the need to share some survival guide tips if this ever happens to you.

  1. Be sure you and your spouse plan on being most sick at different parts of the day.  For instance, I was most sick this morning--completely useless.  He was able to care for the kids, and then he went down around 12:30, which is when I started to perk up a little.  Nothing like a little teamwork and careful timing.
  2. Your 4 year old is your life-line, nurse, and biggest helper.  Your 21 month old is your worst enemy.  Belle went back and forth between Paul and I bringing us crackers, towels, Powerade, and just checking in on us.  Evie decided to take a short nap, crumble and throw crackers everywhere, and hurl herself off of every couch, table, and chair she could find.
  3. Get sick when you're pregnant, so you have a nice stash of Zofran to help get you through the nausea and vomiting when your body literally cannot handle anymore.
  4. Have no guilt about the sheer amount of television/movies your children will watch.  In fact, go ahead and buy a few new movies just to keep their attention longer than 30 minutes.
  5. Do not get sick on a day you are looking forward to something.  Today Alive sang for a Sea to Sea service.  I kept telling myself I'd get it together by 4:00.  Ha!  I wasn't together at all, and I SURE couldn't leave Paul to take care of the kids while his head was in toilet.  Major disappointment.
  6. Don't assume you are feeling better before you really are.  I totally fell for this, and just a couple sips of Powerade in and I was running for the toilet.  Too much confidence will never get ya anywhere!
  7. Definitely put the 21 month old to bed a half hour early, even if she isn't tired.  She might stay awake in her crib, but at least she is contained and out of harms way!  This is probably much safer for her than roaming around the house while her parents are in and out of sleep and nausea.
  8. When you plan on cleaning up the basement the night before, don't go to bed because you are too tired and leave it a disaster.  Part of the day we spent downstairs to occupy the girls with different toys, but we were battling with boxes, a treadmill, and cardboard.  Didn't make for a very relaxing or safe atmosphere.
  9. Pray it is all over with soon!

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