Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 Month Check-Up

Today was Belle's 2 month check up. I am so thankful it is over and done with! Poor thing.

First, the good news. She was 11lbs 6oz, which put her at the 50th percentile. She was 24.5 inches long, which put her at the 90-95 percentile. All in all, she is tall and skinny. Looks like she will have a future in modeling ☺ Her head was also in the 95th percentile, probably because of how smart she is! So, she will be my Harvard student who puts herself through school by modeling. Perfect!

Now, the sad news. Baby shots are the worst! Thankfully, they have a new shot that combines three of the vaccines, so she only got 3 shots instead of 5. Belle was having a grand ol' time laying on the table while the nurses and doctor googled over her. She was laughing and smiling and loving every minute. Then, they counted to three and jabbed the needles in her little legs. She sat there for a moment trying to take in what was going on and then lost it. It was like she felt tricked! They all loved on her, just to shove needles in her legs! Oh my poor girl! She cried and cried and I was doing all I could to console her without losing it myself. After a few minutes she calmed down and fell asleep while I was holding her.

I gave her some Tylenol and I plan on cuddling with her all afternoon.


Greg and Shawna said...

My eyes got watery reading about the shots...not fun! Maxwell doesn't cry too much, but that is b/c he is a "tough guy"...he'll probably pay for college winning ridiculous bar bets that involve him hurting himself...

Jennie said...

Aww, Betsy! I made them do it without me in the room the first time and I still cried! It gets better!

Beth Ann said...

Awe. :(

I´m glad that she made it through... and that you did too. Blessings.