Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marc and Caden Came to Visit

Last weekend Marc and Caden came out to visit! Caden hadn't met Belle yet, so we were excited to introduce the two. Needless to say, I think Caden was WAY more excited about hanging out with his buddy "woof woof" (Mac). As you can tell from the pictures, they got along very well!

Belle loves her Uncle Marc


Caden definitely gave Belle lots of kisses, but I'm sure he will think she is cooler when she does more than sleeps, cries, and poops. Can you blame him? It was adorable to watch him interact with her. We hadn't seen Caden in awhile, so it was awesome to see him again and to hear how much more he is talking. He is a ball of energy and such a sweet boy.

Last weekend was also the first time I sang at our church, Cornerstone. I wanted to sing on their praise team but in between having a baby and getting acclimated to motherhood, it was a challenge to find time. Overall, it went well and I had so much fun. Paul and I are glad to be part of a church again and being able to use our gifts. It had been awhile, but we have definitely found a church home that we feel is right for us. I am even a part of their MOPS groups, which I love.

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