Saturday, August 13, 2011

Headed to the U.P.

Our neighborhood is all sorts of fabulous and amazing. Paul and I truly hit the jackpot when we found this house! Our neighborhood is full of young couples and kids, and the best part is that we all like each other!

Our neighbors, Sarah and Damon, have parents with a house in the U.P. on Lake Michigan. We all picked a weekend and headed up there. 8 adults and 9 kids in one house! Surprisingly, the mass chaos didn't bother any of us and we had a great time. We swam, Belle played on the beach, we did some kayaking, and at night after the kids went to bed the adults sat around the campfire and we honestly laughed until it hurt.

Right now I am trying to cherish (I know it sounds cheesy) of these last few trips as a family of 3. Adding a baby is going to make future trips more chaotic and require more packing....all of which stresses me out a bit! We have only three more months until this munchkin makes her debut and I feel like time is flying!

Next big trip is to San Francisco with the Thompson side of the fam! Unfortunately Belle won't be coming, but the thought of traveling with a two year old while 8 months pregnant....add a 4 hour time change, and I might not make it mentally! It will be a great trip for Paul and I to get away for a bit and not have to worry about naps and diapers. We love San Francisco and I can't wait to get back there!

Now, some U.P. pics. Aren't the kids cute in their tye-dyed shirts?!?!

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