Monday, August 29, 2011

My Daughter, the Cusser

So, I have been debating writing about this for fear that there will be a small handful of people out there who may judge my poor parenting skills or turn their nose up at me. I finally decided that this blog is mainly for me to document our life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is one of the more ugly parts of it, but I also find it somewhat humorous as well. Paul and I do not have a perfect marriage, I do not parent flawlessly, and my child is not the poster child for perfection.

I do not swear a lot. I have a couple words here and there that I may throw around, but generally I have a clean mouth. I do, however, say s**t more often than I care to admit. I drop something, I stub my toe, I dial the wrong number, I burn dinner and usually I will throw around an "Oh s**t!". I blame it on growing up in a plumber's family :)

Well, clearly Belle has picked up on my foul mouth. Once I thought she may have said it, but then assumed I was hearing things (wishful thinking? Denial?). Well, the other day she dropped a glass and it broke. Clear as day the girl uttered "oh s**t.". Paul looked at me. I looked at him, and we both busted up laughing. How can you not laugh at those words coming out of a 2 year old's mouth?

I was praying this was a one time occurrence, but she said it when my sister was watching her, when we had friends over the other day, and at my neighbor's house. Goodness! Do I really say it so often that it has stuck with her so well?!

Needless to say, not a proud parenting moment. I think about her saying it in church nursery and the workers looking at me when I pick her up as the parent of the "little cusser."

So, now we try our best not to laugh and give her better options like "oh bummer" or "oh man.". In the meantime, I think I better work on these new options for myself as well. Nothing like a hard lesson on how impressionable those little minds really are.


Kristi Reynolds said...

Too funny! We've "kind of retrained" Evan to say "AWWWWW Shooooooot..." very dramatically. cause I'm a "oh, S$#t girl too...BEEN THERE...still a little bit there! :) xxoo

Avonne said...

You are SO NOT the only one with this problem. My sons choice word was Damn! I too was nercous he would say it in kids church or in front of my parents :o/ It does pass though. We told him that it wasnt ok to say that word for any of us....mommy and daddy included! Its not a proud parenting moment but they do make for some funny stories later. And why is it that those words sound so funny and cute coming from a little! Dont worry....we're all in the same boat :o)

e Daly said...

I love to swear. F*ck is my all time favorite word. It will probably be Rory's first.

Also my Religion 131 teacher said all swear words are fine expect the "d" word :)

Emily said...

This is hilarious. You are a terrible mother. Everyone thinks so now.
I say offensive things like douche bag and I really don't want Charlotte saying that. eeeeek

chris said...

After raising 4 children of my own and watching countless others, believe me S**T is mild! Gotta love them!

everything.beautiful said...

Don't know you - found your blog from another one :)

It happens. I, too, have an issue with swearing when I get upset. I try to keep it in check but am not always successful. When my son was about 3, we had just moved and were trying out a new church. The children's pastor invited us over for a bonfire. My son's shoes kept coming untied and suddenly he bent down and exclaimed, clear and loud as day - "These DAMN shoes!" I was mortified. More than mortified. I made it worse by saying I had NO idea where he had learned that one from and then said "must have been tv!". Uh huh, I knew EXACTLY where he learned it from!
So yes, most of us have had these moments :) Nothing like your kids to point out your flaws ;)