Saturday, August 13, 2011

Huizinga Camping Trip 2011

Wow, am I behind on posting the happenings of this summer so far! We have been busy, but I have also been trying to figure out how to maneuver around this iPad. It is tougher than you would think! So, the next few posts are a quick snap shot of our summer so far. First, is our annual camping trip with my family.

This is the second year that my family had gone to Tri-Ponds campground in Allegan. We love it! There is a huge playground, a pool, a swimming pond, a petting zoo, as well as a pond where Lily, Gabbie, and Alexa spent tons of time catching frogs and tadpoles. The campground is small enough to let the girls run around, but still has enough activities to keep them occupied.

Belle was much more fun this year than last. Last year she was just learning to crawl and was right in the middle of teething. This year she was one active little girl who was obsessed with the ducks and liked to play in the pond.

We have learned that Belle has a love for animals....for the most part. I think she is fascinated by different animals, but isn't always so certain of them if they try to sniff her. You will read more about this in the "zoo" post to follow. There were three ducks that roamed the campground and Belle would follow them around all day if we allowed her to.

Overall, the week was great fun. It is sure busy running after an almost two year old, but exciting to watch her try out the playground, feed goats, and even scream when we try to get her to swim in the pool. She is definitely showing a fearless nature in some areas and real fear in others. Just all part of her personality that we love to learn about (most days :) ).

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