Thursday, July 12, 2012

Traverse City 2012

Each year my family takes a vacation somewhere.  Usually, we head out camping.  This year was extra special!  This year my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  Nowadays, that is quite the accomplishment!  We were also celebrating my parents 60th (plus 1 year) birthdays.  They each turned 61 this year, but it makes it easier if we say we celebrated their 60th birthdays and 40th anniversary in order to make it a nice even 100, right?

The week was spent playing on the beach, riding a Sea-Doo, driving around a pontoon boat, fishing, golfing, shopping, and just hanging out with each other.  It was a great week to get away from the daily grind and to spend time with each other.

Girl Talk

Boat rides!

Monique and Jordan came up to watch all the kiddos while all of the adults went out to dinner.  They were awesome, and the kids LOVED them!

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