Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Ear Infection, A Touch of RSV, and a Nebulizer

I always knew that baby sickness would never be enjoyable, but I never realized how exhausting and frustrating it can be.

Last week Monday, Belle began to cough and I knew that we were going to be getting a cold. Didn't really alarm me, but I was worried it would turn into an ear infection..which it did. So, we have amoxicillin to knock out the ear infection.

The cough continued to get worse and we brought her into Urgent Care over the weekend, where she was diagnosed with RSV, a respiratory thing. So, we were given an oral steroid to take care of this.

We were asked to bring her in again on Monday to follow up. Belle was a new girl as far as temperment, but still had a bit of a cough. Basically, we were told to keep up with the steroid and to call if she got worse.

Welp, here we are on Wednesday after our fourth trip to the doctor since last Friday. We are now using a nebulizer to help clear out those bronchial tubes so she can breathe better. This better work.

I know that the mothers with more than one kid are probably thinking I need to buck up and that this is no big deal. Kids get sick. Haha. I probably do need to buck up. Either way, I have realized that a sick kid is not fun. The hardest part isn't the sleepless nights or the crabby kid. The hardest part is her little cough and the wheezing in her chest. It's the clogged nose that she doesn't know how to blow! I can't wait to have a fully healthy kid so I can see a few more of her little smiles.

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