Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mod Podge

So, I have always had a love for decoupage, or Mod Podge.  It all began in high school and I carried my love for Mod Podge into my college house on Bemis.  My roommates and I decoupaged vases and pictures in order to add a little decorative flavor ro our college house.  To be honest, it looked more like kindergarten work, but we enjoyed it for an evening craft.

I have since Mod Podged stuff for Belle's room.  I made letters with her name, and some random crafty designs for her wall.  I seriously think that this stuff is the best.

So, my crafty self was itching again today.  Often I will take this itch and crochet something, but today I really wanted to make something cool for my house.  Therefore, Mod Podge was needed!  I went off to Michaels and bought a few things.  I came home and Paul was unsure what to make of everything.  I had black paint, a wooden letter, a wooden plaque, a file box, and some jazzy paper.  In the end I Mod Podged some pretty cool items, which I will post pics of soon.  Michaels didn't have everything I wanted, so I had to settle for what I could get today.  I created a plaque with the initial "T" on it over some cute scrapbook paper.  I also created a cute new file box for me and Paul's mail.  Our last system was messy and I hated how it looked. 

My college roommates will attest to my love for Mod Podge, but I promise that my skills have improved.  I will post pics soon of my newest creations :-)


Jill Boersma said...

Maybe you better open a crochet/mod podge store. You can start making all sorts of plaques for people. I am sure you can come up with some crazy name for it.

Emily said...

I like your monogram much more than the tissue paper creations we attempted. Very cute!