Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rotting Teeth

So, I have never been a fan of the dentist. I would say that I am someone who has suffered from a mild anxiety regarding the dentist. Half of my problem is that I know I am going to get in trouble for not flossing or taking care of my teeth the way I should.

I am someone who often gets cavities. I feel like every time I head into the dentist a spot of decay will be discovered somewhere inside my mouth. I usually sit and wait through my cleaning for the hygienist to make her discovery and inform me that I will need a filling. Usually I am not surprised.

I also hate needles. Therefore, the dentist has always been somewhere I have gone to get reprimanded and then informed of that I will need a filling which will involve needles. Thus, my dislike for the dentist. This may be why I went through a 3-4 year stretch without visiting the dentist, and ONLY made an appointment after one of my teeth literally broke in half from eating a raw pasta noodle.

Thankfully, I have found a dentist that I really like. I met Dr. Scott Singstock a couple of years ago. He is actually friends with my neighbors. I had expressed to him my dislike for the dentist and he convinced me that if I came to him things would be different. So, reluctantly, I made an appointment to see him. He was a fabulous dentist and didn't do the things that I hated my old dentists for. I had other dentists who would ask me questions while their hands were in my mouth, so I could not answer. I have had other dentists who would breathe into my mouth while they were working. I have also had a dentist that felt the need to tell me step by step everything she was doing, and at one point during a crown said "if you weren't numb, this would REALLY hurt." Thanks...exactly what someone with dental anxiety needs to hear.

So, today was my bi-annual trip to the dentist for my cleaning. I should have stayed home. Although, I think Dr. Singstock is a fabulous dentist, he delivered me the news that I had 5 cavities. FIVE! He tried to sugar coat the entire thing (no pun intended) by saying that it wasn't uncommon for women coming off of pregnancy to have a lot of cavities. This is due to the increase in food that they are eating...aka I stuffed my face a lot more than usual. He was so nice to not yell at me for not flossing (although he did explain the benefits) or guilt me into feeling like I was failing my mouth.

So, I have another appointment in two weeks to take care of my rotting teeth. Scott asked me if I had ever had nitrous---he knows my fear of needles. I have never tried the stuff, but from what I hear it is good. Thank goodness for a dentist that understands me! So sad for a mouth of teeth that are prone to cavities.

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Emily said...

Oh Betsy, I know your pain! I have had sooo much dental work. And let me tell you, Nitrous is probably the best thing that ever happened to dentistry. ha. Beware, it might make you chatty. :)