Monday, May 31, 2010

Deck Progress and Chair

This Memorial Day was quite busy! Paul and I started buildng our deck and I ventured into the world of carpentry. The latter is MUCH scarier.
First, the deck. This sucker is huge. We were going to make it even bigger, but as we got going we felt we should just leave it the size it is. Seriously, I have to furnish this thing! The bigger it is, the more furniture needed!
So far, I absolutely cannot wait to have our new lower deck. I feel it will be wonderful when Belle is be-boppin' around in the backyard. I can sit on the lower deck under the shade or put her kiddie pool on it. We met our neighbors that just moved in behind us and they have one of these umbrellas:
I am bound and determined to get one myself. Seriously, our backyard is full sun ALL day. Just ask Paul and my brother. They sure got some nice farmer's tans. I need thre shade this sucker will provide. Anyway, deck should be finished by Wednesday, but here are some pics of the progress thus far:

Speaking of needing furniture to cover the deck with, I had to share my first adironack chair I have completed. Paul taught me how to use the saw, and I am shocked I didn't chop off a limb! I made all of the cuts, but Paul had to help me on two pieces that needed cuts cut on an angle other than 90 degrees. Putting it together was major easy, but Paul had to help on a few steps to hold pieces in place as I drilled in the screws. Overall, I did the majorit of the work and am quite proud of myself! I am still debating on paint colors, but I am leaning towards red. We shall see. I will post pics of all of the chairs when they are complete, but here is my first one so far. I CAN'T wait to do Belle's little chair and paint it hot pink!

LASTLY, (I know this post is huge...I told you that this Memorial Day weekend was busy!), I had to show pics of Belle and a video of her in the pool. She loves the pool and I could just squeeze her when she has her bathing suit on! Girl has so much chubb!

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Emily said...

Nice job!!
Do you think you'll try more knock off wood designs? I've been wanting some adirondacks for a while...but I'm wondering if making & painting would be worth it. I know i'd be proud, but they'd probably look like crap. Yours look great though! :)