Friday, May 28, 2010

Deck Time

This Memorial Day weekend will be spent with Paul building us a lower deck. I will take pics to show you progress. I cannot wait to have a lower deck! The deck is one of the things on our house I have wanted to change....along with finishing the basement and getting new countertops (which are almost ready to be put in!). While Paul is busy building the deck, I was also able to convince him to whip me up a few of these:

I found plans for these off of Knock of Wood. Paul said they would be easy enough, so I am super pumped to see how they turned out. At this point I am debating what color to paint them. I feel like stain, black, or white is too boring. I was thinking red, maybe? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Kate said...

Just painted our adirondack chairs a fun blue color and they look so fun on the back deck. As you can see the "fun-ness" trancends the deck to the yard for special occasions ;)