Friday, May 7, 2010

We Are Family

My sister and her husband are adopting from Ethiopia. Tonight was one busy day for our family! Jill and Jason had a fundraiser to raise money for the adoption at the same time that they had a garage sale. Needless to say, my entire family, and my brother in law's family pitched in today to raise money to bring their little guy home to Michigan.

My duty was to hang out at the garage sale and work my saleswoman skills. In the meantime, Jill and many others were at church setting up for a lasagna dinner, kid's carnival, and silent auction. So many things to do! All in all, I believe that I did pretty good at the garage sale. I helped my nieces sell a few girl scout cookies and even sold a stroller, plant, and chair. Yes, I was a selling champ!
The fundraiser this evening was a complete success. I was amazed at the number of people that showed up to support my sister and her family. The amount of donations was overwhelming and I have been so blessed through my sister's adoption process. This little guy will be a part of our family and any donation someone gives to my sister is a blessing to all of us. Aside from donations, the items people gave for the silent auction and those who donated their time was just as appreciated! I ESPECIALLY appreciated the 3-5 day getaway to Gull Lake at a cottage (yes, this was what Paul and I won at the silent auction!).

Thank you to all who helped in someway. You have been a blessing to our family and each of you are a part of bringing my nephew home to Michigan from Ethiopia!
Don't forget to check out my sister and her family's adoption journey at Five and Counting.

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