Monday, May 24, 2010

The Epitomy of Motherhood

I just had to share the lovely evening I had. Belle was hungrier than she normally is...and let me tell you, this girl eats a lot already as it is! She are three jars of baby food and I assumed she would just quit eating if she was full. Mistake 1.

An hour later, Belle and I went to Meijer, and then came home and I began to cook dinner. She was crabby because it was her bedtime VERY soon. I put her in her jumparoo and put her in front of the tv to keep her occupied. Mistake 2.

When it was finally time for Belle to go to bed, I decided to top her off with a bottle before putting her down even though she had eaten so much at dinner. Mistake 3.

When Belle finished her bottle she was crabbin' still, so I sat her up. Mistake 4.

Poor girl burped once and every bit of what she had in her stomach projectile vomited all over us and the couch! I had no idea that such a tiny person could have so much inside of her! It took a bit of maneuvering to figure out how to stand up without getting more of a mess on the couch and the rug while finding a place to put Belle to take her clothes off. Thankfully, I had a clean load of towels sitting on my coffee table. Score!

Someone I managed to get my clothes off and get myself redresed, get Belle into the tub, and I figured that the couch cleaning would have to wait.

Belle seemed much happier in the tub, which was an indicator that the puking may have been a one time thing. To top of the whole fiasco, Belle made sure to give me a nice poop in the tub. I couldn't do anything else but have a good laugh.

People always told me that my own child's bodily functions wouldn't gross me out, and they were right. I didn't even think twice that my pants were soaked in vomit and it was covering the front of me. I was more concerned with how Belle was feeling and how to clean her up.

Oh the joys of motherhood. You can't do much else but laugh :-)


Emily said...

That is a cute story. Hope she's feeling better, and you got your couch cleaned! :)

Jason and Jill Boersma said...

I knew the pooping in the tub was going to come eventually. Don't you remember for a while evertime you came over Maia pooped in the tub?