Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chopped It!

So, after all of the comments regarding my hair, I went for the cut. I secretly knew I was going to anyway. I can't stick to one thing for too long. It must be the ADD in me. I also don't think Cricket was going to really give me another option but to chop it. So, I sat down and she started by cutting off 3 inches from the back. It's a good thing that I don't ever really get too nervous about these types of haircuts. Cricket has always given me haircuts I love and I put full faith in her. It's funny, though, because we tend to look like twins when all is said and done. I posted some pics so you can see the new 'do. Ahhh, it feels so nice!


The Potvins said...

I could've taken the pics for you :-)you are funny, but impressive...oh and by the way, who does your hair? :-)

e Daly said...

Love it!!! Oh how I miss my Cricket cuts. Can I sneak over and force her to do mine next time so cuts yours :)

Lindsy Griffis said...

LOVE it!! :-)