Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Spring"ing Forward

I am very much over this Michigan weather. This past week was a gorgeous week, and it was definitely a tease for Spring. Belle is sick with RSV yet again. Poor thing was totally born into the wrong time of year and has had a rough time staying healthy this winter. I'm praying that all of her sickness means she will be a very healthy child later in life :-) Wishful thinking?

So, of all the things of Spring and Summer, here is what I look forward to most:

Walking with Belle HERE, because it is SO conveniently located in my back yard:-)

Swimming all summer in this at my sister's house:

Celebrating my 27th birthday, although there really isn't anything cool or exciting about 27, except that it sounds A LOT closer to 30 than 26.

Staying in one of these for a week:

AND taking pics of Belle's cute little bootsy in her bikini looking like this:

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