Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excitement and Uncertainties

I have to give props to my sister, Jill, for being the first to suggest that I sell my crocheted stuff. I literally just started this endeavor about a month ago, or less, and it has taken off. Within the past week some exciting things have happened.

Monday I got two very exciting emails. The first was from Anne Jansen, a friend of a friend. She has started to dive into photography and asked me if I wanted to work together. She wanted cute and adorable hats to put on their munchkins she photographs, and I am in need of some more professional pictures of my products. I mean, taking pictures of my hats on my kitchen table is fine, but it lacks so much "oomph." So, I gave her some hats and she took this amazing pics:

The second exciting email I got on Monday was from Village Kids, a consignment shop in Ada. Apparently, they found my Etsy shop online and are interested in selling my hats in their store. I WAS MAJOR FLATTERED. (I promise this is not a blog all about bragging...but just a little bragging). I meet with them next week to discuss what this would mean.

SOOOOO, here come my uncertainties. I would LOVE to have a steady place to sell my hats, but my friend, Liz, reminded me to make sure that whatever I decide that I don't make it a job and I keep crochet something I still enjoy doing. So simple, but so wise! I LOVE to crochet, and I am so flattered that anyone thinks my stuff is good enough to sell in their store, but I want to make sure that I can be a relaxed mom, a dedicated student, a supportive wife, and a crafter who enjoys what she does. I meet with them next week, so I will learn that sort of expectations they have of me and I will explain to them where I am coming from.

At this point, all of my orders are very manageable, and I LOVE the communication I have with each person I make a hat for. I love seeing pictures and hearing each person's thoughts about what I made them. I love where I am at in life and think it's great that I get to make money off of doing something I love. Now if only I could get paid to be a mom....


Emily said...

First of all, I saw the pics that Anne posted, and got SO excited to see your hats! Those pics of her niece are soo cute, too!

Secondly, How exciting that you have so much interest! You ARE talented, but isn't it so great to see that everyone else thinks so too! :)

Liz is right. Only do as much as you can handle!
My niece LOVES her hat, it's so girlie and cute, and fits her perfectly!

Keep up the good work! :)

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