Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mom2Mom Sale

My sister and I are working hard at preparing items for the Mom2Mom sale at Cornerstone Church. We are extremely excited and my fingers are about to fall off from all of the crocheting that I have been doing! I hope that it is a success and I hope that those who can't make it check out my etsy shop at My etsy shop is rather new, so I appreciate any traffic and sales to get my started!
Check out my sister's blog to see what items she is selling. Cricket has made tons of burp cloths, hooded towels, pacifier clips, and has some gift sets. They are SOOO adorable! I am hoping that as her sister I get a discount! Go to The Potvin Family.

Below are pics of many of the items I have made. I am currently working on getting more boy hats, but it's so hard. Girly hats with big flowers are just way too cute!

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Rachelle said...

LOVE the hats, as you know :)

Brooke Jarrett said...

I can't wait to get ours!!! LOVE YOUR HATS!!! Brooke

the mama monster said...

i used to make crochet hats but haven't in a few years. you've inspired me to want to again. they are darling!