Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Mom2Mom sale was a lot of fun and I feel it was a success. For my first time selling my hats and things at a function like that, I am happy with the outcome. I passed out a few business cards, and I hope to have a few orders through that. Cricket and I are going to look into doing a couple of craft shows. Maybe we just had to build up our confidence a bit :-)

Now that the Mom2Mom sale is done, I feel I can breath a little easier and I have some room to slow down a bit on my crocheting. I will still be keeping up with everyone's orders, but I won't have to do double time to finish up hats for the sale. I have a lot of leftover inventory waiting to be nabbed up if anyone wants a hat right now! I will post them onto my Etsy shop. Seriously, if you need a gift NOW, I got the goods!

Belle is currently doing better and better at sitting up. It is so stinking cute. She is still sort of bobble-headish, but she is getting the hang of it. AND, she ALMOST rolled over today! Haha, she made it about 3/4 of the way over and then decided she wasn't going to go for it. Her big issue is getting her arm under her. She just can't quite put the whole concept together.

On another note, the weather is making me crabby. Michigan is such a tease. Paul and I are looking into taking a trip to Vegas. We have never been and we need a couples weekend away to somewhere warmer than this icebox.


Emily said...

YES! Go to vegas!!
We went in January, it was not warm yet, but we are able to go again next month... :)

I hope you can make it work out, we had such a wonderful time for a weekend away.

I am checking out some of your hats. My neice is turning 5 next week...any suggestions for which hat might fit her best? Her head is kind of big, I think. :)

Betsy Thompson said...

Where did you stay? We have no clue where to go.

This hat fits my 5 year old nieces. If you wanted this one, I could edit the shipping so it was $0, since you live right down the road! :-) I am trying to push people to buy off of my shop right now, just so it shows a little traffic on there.