Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Chop or Not To Chop

Cricket is coming over tomorrow to cut and color my hair. Let me tell you...it is WAY past time. For some reason at the lovely age of 26, I have an out out of control amount of gray hairs. This started about 3 years ago, and has become progressively worse. I was okay with a couple gray hairs here and there because I would just pull them. Well, now around the my hairline there are tons of gray hairs popping up everywhere. If I were to pull them, I think I would start a few bald spots! Either way, they are terrible and I don't know why they are so prevalent on my head! Thank goodness for a sister who does hair and can give me a great deal on my color!

My big decision is whether to cut my hair short again, or to just keep growing it out. I struggle with keeping one hair style for more than a few months. I get bored easily. Well, I have done a decent job of letting my hair grow, but now I am getting sick of it. I usually like my hair shorter because I feel I have a bit more of a "style" than long and stringy. The upside of longer hair is that I can throw it back and in a ponytail and call it a day.

Another reason I have kept my hair a bit longer is because Paul has always like longer hair. What is it with guys that they generally all like women with longer hair? Don't they understand that some of us just don't have the greatest hair to be long? Anyway, the other day he mentioned to me that he liked my hair when we were in San Francisco a couple of years ago. It was the shortest I had had it in awhile. The picture of Paul and I on the left is the 'do he is referring to.

So, we shall see what I end up doing tomorrow. I am so indecisive. Any votes?


David, Janet, Dawson & Jamisen said...

Seriously - what is is with boys and long hair? David hates my hair short and he wont let me cut Jamie's har shorter than her shoulders either. I say CUT IT OFF! For all of us girls!

Jason and Jill Boersma said...

I love the picture of you and Paul in Cali. I think you should cut it short and have those cute bangs. Maybe if you cut yours short I will want to jump on the band wagon again.

e Daly said...

I think your hair is super cute short but I will say that it's nice to be able to pull your hair back in the summer.....I guess I'm no help ;)

Emily said...

I feel the same way! I think you should do what makes you feel best! You look great with all lengths, but short is easy, and usually a cute style after blow dry.

I am also in desperate need of a makeover. ack. But what to do! :)

Lindsy Griffis said...

You look super cute with short hair. But, I am giving in and growing mine out. I DO love pulling it back in the summer, but if you really chop it you won't really need to. I say - if you want to chop it CHOP IT. Jordan always likes long hair too, but whenever I've chopped it he says he likes that too. I'm no help either. LOL.

The Potvins said...

Well I will be of some help....since after all I am your hairstylist and the one holding the scissors, thinkin.......it is going SHORT! Really in the picture of you and Paul, you CAN really pull it back in a pony, you just have to work a little bit harder. Better yet invest in some hats, thats what I do now!