Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Product

Infant Vest $20
So, I have been crocheting hats like a CRAZY woman, and felt the need to expand my horizon to something more. Today I crocheted a baby vest. My goodness did it turn out adorable! I am still figuring out sizing, but this one fits a 3-6 month old. Belle is a little big for it because she is such a chunker face, but it was still adorable to stretch onto her big belly. I should have taken a picture. I feel this sweater turned out pretty good and I can't wait to make a few more....and I am POSITIVE I will be adding flowers to it. How could I crochet a girly item without adding a lovely flower? :-)
On a similar note, Cricket and I seem to be booking craft shows left and right. Well, so far we are going to two of them, but it feels good that people have encouraged us to sign up based on the work they have seen of ours. We are newbies at this whole craft show thing.


Kate said...

This is really cute! Baby stuff is so fun to make because it's so fast. Do you ever look at Ravelry? I've found a ton of free patterns there!

Betsy Thompson said...

Thanks! This pattern was actually from Ravelry. It is the most amazing site ever. I just found it in the past three months. I love it!

Rachelle said...

So adorable!

Laura said...

Well my goodness! Glad you like the pattern~thanks for the kind words. I think it turned out great. Congrats on your craft success.