Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Etsy or Not To Etsy

I am thinking of starting an Etsy store. Actually, let me clarify....I HAVE an Etsy store, but I have never listed a single item. This is due to multiple reasons:
  1. I have no clue how to list an item
  2. I don't think I have enough inventory to list
  3. I don't know how to let customers know that I can customize what they want....let alone make a customized listing
  4. I am scared of becoming overwhelmed by too many orders (I realize this may sound presumptuous, but it is not intended to be)

If anyone out there reading this knows how to assist me in going about this I would appreciate the feedback. I believe I have a talent that I can actually use to make a little money while I stay at home with my little one. Not to mention, that I have informed Paul that I am saving all of my profits to buy new counter tops for our house. If you saw our counter tops you would completely understand. Why would anyone make OR buy a lavenderish grayish countertop? Yucky.

Anyone have thoughts on my Etsy endeavor and how I can go about beginning this without being so intimidated?


Rachelle said...

Okay, I for one totally think you should set up an Etsy! Here's what I know.

You can list the type of hat that's for sale and when they go to purchase it they can "convo" you to say which color they want, somewhere in the description you can state that they can choose colors etc.

Even 5 listings would be enough just for people to see what you have.

Once someone buys it it wont be available till you put another listing up, so you can keep up with the amount that's being sold. You can list something as 5 available or 1.. Once that 1 sells, then you can wait till your inventory is up again to list some more.

Does that make sense? Too much?

I think you're product is GREAT once you network your stuff around blog land you could do great! Have you ever thought about a giveaway? I've sponsored some etsy shop giveaways on my blog before and they got a lot of orders after that. Sometimes it's worth it to giveaway one item and get 25 orders ya know? Email me if you have any more questions! I'll try to help ya out.

That's probably the longest comment I've ever left. :)
P.s I mailed your check today! :)

Betsy Thompson said...

Thanks for the advice! Yes, that makes sense, and makes me feel a lot better about staying on top of inventory. Once I catch up on my current orders and get through the sale on March 20, I think I may give this a go! I was worried about being too overwhelmed with too many orders, so this has made me feel better.

I also mailed out your hats today :-) Hopefully you enjoy them!

BTW, I would totally do a giveaway. Maybe once I get my Etsy shop up we can move forward with that.

june said...

Betsy! You should definitely list your items on Etsy! I have visited several sellers that only have a few items, and, truthfully, their shops are less intimidating to me as I can easily navigate their inventory. I think when people post A TON of items, shoppers can get lost and distracted. If you post a few, quality items and mention that you can change colors/styles to fit what the buyer wants then you should be able to do well! I hope you save up enough for new counter tops! I REALLY want new sinks and a new tub in our bathroom as they are pinkish in color...seriously, what were people thinking???? yuck-o!